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Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Service

At THE Lab in Orange, our services include all facets of Respiratory and Sleep Medicine practice - both inpatient and outpatient.

A current doctor's referral is required for all services. Your GP or specialist can complete the form. 

Your doctor can download our referral form from our website. You or your doctor can fax it to 02 6311 1561 or email to reception@thelaborange.com.au.

Referrals will be then reviewed and our team will call you to arrange an appointment time.

If you have cold, flu and/or COVID symptoms, please advise reception staff prior to your appointment as we may need to reschedule.


In-Patient Sleep Studies

At THE Lab, we provide inpatient sleep studies to assist with the diagnoses and management of sleep disorders. Most of the tests are performed overnight, but in some instances, testing will be performed during the day.

Diagnostic sleep studies include, but are not limited to, breathing disorders (e.g. sleep apnea and hypoventilation), movement disorders (e.g. Periodic Leg Movement Disorder), parasomnias (e.g. Sleep Walking, Night Terrors), Insomnia, teeth grinding, narcolepsy and excessive sleepiness.

We also perform sleep studies to assess the effectiveness of treatment (e.g. CPAP, weight loss, surgery, mandibular devices, medication) and offer 'fitness to drive' and 'fitness to work' assessments.

All Sleep Study services abide by the Australasian Sleep Association and Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Out-Patient Sleep Studies

At THE Lab, we perform outpatient (home) sleep studies for the assessment of sleep apnea. Our home sleep studies assess brain activity, ECG, and breathing. Patients are set up with the equipment at the Sleep Lab and sent home to sleep.

All Sleep Study services abide by the Australasian Sleep Association and Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Lung Function Tests

The LAB offers a number of lung function tests to enable objective measurements of lung functioning. All collected data is compared to reference values published by the Global Lung Initiative (GLI), and is reported on by our physicians.

We offer the follow tests:

  • Spirometry: Measurement of inspiratory & expiratory flows with flow-volume loop.
  • Diffusion measurement: Assessment of CO transfer into the lungs to assess gas exchange.
  • Lung volumes: Measurement of lung size: TLC/ FRC/ RV.
  • Measurement of Respiratory muscle strength.
  • Bronchoprovation testing: Assessment of bronchial hyper-responsiveness in diagnosis of asthma, including exercise induced asthma, and effectiveness of current medications.
  • FeNO: Fraction exhaled nitric oxide. Marker of eosinophilic inflammation in the airways.
  • 6 minute walk test

We accept direct referrals from GP’s for lung function testing.


Session TypeCostMedicare RebateOut of Pocket *
Physician Consultations
Initial Consultation (Respiratory / Respiratory and Sleep)Speak to Reception$143Speak to Reception
Insomnia, other Behavioural Sleep Disorders & CPAP compliance Therapy (CBT-I Therapy)Medicare Rebates are available following a 'Mental Health Treatment Plan' referral from GP
Follow-Up (Respiratory / Respiratory and Sleep)Speak to Reception$71Speak to Reception
Physician Consultation / Visiting Physician (Other Than Above)Speak to ReceptionSpeak to Reception
Sleep Studies
Home Sleep Study Upfront Cost$550$313~$236
Home Sleep Study Upfront Cost - Pensioner$450$313~$137
In-Lab Overnight Sleep Study$500N/A$500
In-Lab Overnight Sleep Study - Pensioner$450N/A$450
In-Lab Overnight Sleep Study with CO2 monitoring$525N/A$525
In-Lab Overnight Sleep Study with CO2 monitoring - Pensioner$450N/A$450
In-Lab Overnight + Daytime Sleep Study (MSLT and MWT)$650N/A$650
In-Lab Overnight + Daytime Sleep Study (MSLT and MWT) - Pensioner$500N/A$500
Respiratory Function Tests
Complex Lung Test$200$129~$71
Complex Lung Test - Pensioner$150$129~$21
Mannitol Challenge Test (Incl. Mannitol (Aridol) Test Kit)$300$129~$121
6 Minute Walk Test$75N/A$75

Fees as of 01 July 2024.

Private health care does not cover the cost of In lab or Home Sleep Studies.

Late Cancellation or "No Show" Policy

If you wish to cancel or reschedule your Sleep Study or Respiratory/Lung Function Test, you must do so at least 24 hours before the appointment. Failure to do so will incur a ‘Late Cancellation’ or ‘No Show’ fee. This fee is $90.

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